May 5, 2012


My Pa use to say that he couldn’t ever be one of those people who came home from work and plonked himself down in his favourite chair. First he had to check that the chair was actually there.

Nana had the re-arranging bug and was often changing the layout of rooms to see what was the best use of space.

I have defiantly inherited that gene. When things start to get claustrophobic, or I need a change I rearrange my room. I lost track of how often I changed the way my last room was set up. So far the room I’m in at the moment has been rearranged twice.

The latest rearrangement means I can get a bit of light from the window and I don’t hit my head as I climb into and out of my loft bed. The first point helps me get through winter, the second point stops headaches every morning.

I figure changing the layout of my room is cheaper than most other things I could do when I want a change.


Katie said...

My mum has the rearranging gene! I used to rearrange my room more when I was younger, but since getting a bigger bed, there's just not room to do it another way.

Rachael said...

defiantly? or definitely? or both ;)

Erin said...

Haha, I meant definitely. but both work!
No amount of proof reading can correct my 'creative' spelling - especially if spell checker doesn't help me; Opps.

Tat @ Mum in search said...

My husband is complaining about the same thing as your Pa.. only his issue is that there might be toys lying around that he needs to put away before he can sit down ;)