February 13, 2012


One of the subjects I am taking this semester is Spiritual Formation for Cross Cultural Mission, it looks at different things to prepare you for serving in another culture. I initially took it because it looked interesting and I'm interested in hearing about other cultures. I did think it would be good to look at it from the perspective of being a Missionary Kid (MK).

I didn't expect to be so quickly dealing with thoughts and feelings I thought I had dealt with long ago about growing up as an MK. It gives me another perspective, to look at it from a spiritual point of view, how God molds us as we move between cultures to leave behind our cultural prejudices and become more like him.

I have chosen to do one of my assignments on MK's and picked up an article called "Emotional and Behavioural Patterns of Adult MK's" by David Wickstorm - spent the whole time thinking "Whoa, that's me!". I am enjoying it, it's nice to have an environment where I can talk freely about my experiences and be constantly challenged to look to God, not look inward while thinking about these things.

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