March 1, 2011

Finding Resources

If you're not careful being a teacher can get expensive. And the fact I teach in many places; work, Sunday School etc. means I try to find several different types of resources.
I've found myself getting very good at finding things as cheaply as possible - or even for free (even better!).

I went to the local salvo's store (I have found a new one right near me!) and found this great little table and chair set for $15. I was so excited, telling the shop assistant exactly what I had planned for it - she very politely pretended to be interested :).

(This is a photo from the car park of the salvo store, please excuse the poor quality)

Also ages ago I was driving around and came across a pile of logs that had obviously been cut down from a tree lying on the side of the road for council clean up. I felt a little weird filling up the boot of the car from the side of the road - but not enough to stop doing it :)


Wendy said...

Hi Erin

Very nice score... I love salvos esp. in Sydney as so many people seem to throw brand new things out.

However, as I was telling my new boss my vision for beautiful, warm, practical furniture (like buffets etc) from second hand stores etc she gave me a little insight into a possible parent perspective that we need to remember - She said you will need to be cafeful with the families as it is a "new" centre and as she had just put up the fees they might be expecting new things and will be unhappy with seconds.

I fortunately was able to reassure her that while it may be a cheaper way of getting things I would not put broken or chipped furniture in the centre as I wouldnt do it in my house so wouldnt do it at work. However, if its a little chip i'd fix it :)

Erin said...

I can see her perspective, especially if it's a new centre. But I think that alot of the 2nd hand things can look just as good as new things - you'd barely know the difference! (And I love that they are wooden as appose to the plastic that most new things are)

I also think parents understand that we can get so much more for our (their!) money when we spend it smartly, which they would appreciate.

I'm so blessed to have a director that shares my vision!

Katie said...

It sounds fantastic, Erin.
(and please don't take offence but it's opposed not appose. Sorry. The teacher in me has a lot of trouble not correcting, and I'm hoping that since you're a teacher too you'll be happy to know the correct word)

Erin said...

:), don't worry about offending me, I know I often slip up on grammar/spelling - thank goodness for spell check so I can always double check! (though this one managed to slip through - opps)