December 10, 2010

Little Brother

It's strange;
sitting here,
watching my little brother
overtake me on the road of life.

Watching him;
experience things
I haven't
and won't just yet.

But then;
I realised
he hasn't run ahead
Maybe it's just a different road.

And so;
I need
to rejoice with him
and remember differences are good.

It's hard;
knowing we
are following different paths now
after so many years walking next to each other.

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Anonymous said...

It must be a "youth thing", this comparing ourselves to others. I watched my little sister move to college and also get married before I even had a serious girlfriend. She traveled the world as a buyer for Woolworths and later Target before having kids. In 1998 she developed an aggressive breast cancer which took her. No, she didn't overtake me. She just travelled a very different road. And her big regret was never seeing her 2 kids (2 and 5) grow up. My only child is now 24. My road has been longer and I've now had 27 years with a lovely wife. I'm happy enough with my road and don't even think about the comparisons. But it's my road. We can only ever walk our own road. And enjoy the intersections with others.

Katie said...

I have two brothers, and it is hard sometimes watching them travel different paths.
That said, I think the near collision of paths was worse (I have been engaged for 2 years and am getting married in April, my younger brother got engaged in August and was going to get married in January - I was not impressed. Since then, his partner is pregnant and the wedding is postponed. Strangely, I don't mind them 'queue jumping' in this way nearly as much, as I am not ready for children just yet)

Erin said...

Katie - I can understand that, you want to enjoy the special day without feeling like there is a comparison between the two of you.