August 16, 2010

Africa Quilt

I started work on this quilt ages ago. When I was up in Queensland for my last prac I sat down with my cousin who had found out she was pregnant with her first baby and designed a quilt. Then we found out the baby was a boy and the babushka theme didn't seem quite right.

When my cousin told me she was going for a chocolate and white theme with giraffes the quilt just came to me. I imagined lots of hand embroidered African animals. Then end of uni/start of work got in the way. I finally finished the quilting yesterday and got it in the post today - with only two weeks to spare!

I found some pictures online that adapted to make the outlines I liked for the animals and hand stitched them in white on chocolate, with creamy colours patch worked in alternate squares. I really liked the way the animals turned out - the ones I'm most happy with are the zebra and the lion.


Sherry and Donna said...

What a wonderful gift Erin and such a talented girl you are! ... That quilt will be a treasured keepsake for sure ... just beautiful!
Donna :) :)

Erin said...

Thanks Donna, I admit this is one of the first things I have made for a present that I really wanted to keep! I may have to make a second one someday :)

Katie said...