April 6, 2010

Easter Boxes

For Easter this year I decided to go beyond the usual Easter egg basket thing, and made biscuit boxes, (let’s face it, it was an excuse to use my Tags, bags, boxes and more cartridge).

First I made really large biscuits using basic biscuit dough (or cookie dough, depending on what country you live in). The firmer the dough, the better (as you'll see later), it it starts to streach a lot when you roll it out stick the dough in the frige for an hour and try again. I made half of the dough chocolate by adding cocoa and another tablespoon of milk. So half of the dough was chocolate and half was vanilla.

I cut out little stars from the middle of each colours and switched the stars so that in the middle of the vanilla biscuit was a chocolate star and in the middle of the chocolate biscuit is the vanilla star. (You could do a similar trick by just adding food dye to half of dough)

Even if thestar and circle don’t quite meet on the baking tray the biscuits raise a little and meld together as they cook.

I then cut a little shaker box with a window (at 51/2 inch), then put them together.

Once I placed the biscuit inside I just tied ribbon around the edge. And added a gift tag.

Then, tada! Gorgeous little biscuit gift boxes :)


Katie said...

Gorgeous! I've been wanting to try biscuits like that for a while, but haven't gotten there yet.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome idea.