March 19, 2010

The flower girl dresses revisited

Remember the flower girl dresses I made a while ago? I had a look on the brides facebook page and found a link to the wedding photographers site where she had a post on the wedding. The wedding looks Amazing! So beautiful and lots of handmade/indie goodness. Go have a look.

I love the photos, and if you scroll down you can see one of my flower girl dresses. The little girl looks so sweet. Hoping to see some more more pics of the dresses in a little while!


Pamela said...

The wedding does look beautiful and the flower girls dresses look great too. Hope you can get some more photos to show your handiwork.

Katie said...

My wedding is over a year off, but I've been thinking about asking you to make our flowergirl dresses (My future mother-in-law will be making my dress, and she and I will make the bridesmaids dresses - which leaves me worrying about time...). How much do you charge (assume I'd supply the fabric...) Although, you'll be qualified by then, so maybe you'll be too busy?

Erin said...

Thanks Mum :)

Katie, I'm still hoping to be sewing special things when teaching :), I'll email you details.