January 15, 2010

Natural longings

On the last day of my now annual trip to Brisbane, my Aunty and I went down the coast to the beach. We went for a walk before having dinner. It was only a short walk. - I wanted to keep going on and on, until the beach ran out.

I came to the conclusion, which I've reached many times, that I'm tired of living in suburbia. Does anyone else feel suffocated by rows and rows of houses, or is it just me? Do you ever feel that there are just too many people. I get sick of concrete and want grass and trees and wide open space.

At times when I day dream about my dream house, even if it is in the suburbs (lets face it, most houses are) it has a huge backyard with lots of trees to look out at. And is within walking distance of the sea or the bush, (while either would do I think I'd prefer the sea because I have an absolute phobia of snakes).

In early childhood we often talk about the natural affiliation that children have with nature. How long they can spend playing in water or soil. The amount of enjoyment that can come from something as simple as leaves and twigs and gum nuts.
In my opinion we never actually lose it, we just are taught to shut ourselves away in little boxes and lock nature out. But really we all secretly long for it, don't we?

I'm going to do a bit more to our outdoor area, add more plants and places to sit. And I'm going to make a point of spending a few minutes each day out there.

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