January 6, 2010

Book Resolution

I use to love reading - adore it. Anything with words on it I would devour. The height of my reading passion was the end of primary school (I think it may have had something to do with not having a TV in Vanuatu), but it continued on for most of high school and a few years after.

Lately though I've almost given up on it. I made a conscious choice to stop reading the 'Christian' romances which I'm ashamed to say made up most of my reading diet. And when I went looking for something to replace them I wasn't really a fan of anything.

I use to think I had a sophisticated taste in books, but in reality it's just old fashioned. I don't want to read something that will leave me depressed. I don't like gruesome, I don't want a book that makes my head spin and looking back those romances now seem so boringly predictable. I like simple family stories, of people just being together (think Little Women, The Little house books and the Anne series).

Which means that in the last year I've done little besides reread those books. Which are nice, but I'm ready to jump back into reading again, discovering stories I haven't heard before.

My resolution is this; each month I must read at least one new book which I haven't read before. Chances are that I'll normally do more than one, but I like making my goals achievable so I don't get overwhelmed. And if I do more than I planned then extra gold stars for me :)!

So far ones I want to read include;
A biography of John Newton that Dad lent me (and am planning to start tomorrow on the plane to Brisbane).
The Promise by Naomi Reed

Do you know any other ones I might like to add to my list?


Kacie said...

Try Gilead by Marilynne Robinson, or Wild Swans by June Chang!

Erin said...

Thanks Kacie, I'll check them out. Have heard of Wild Swans, but not Gilead.