November 16, 2009

Good technology, Bad technology

Normally I love technology. It's useful, fun and so handy.

Except when both registers crashed at work on weekend. We pulled out the manual credit machine and stared at it blankly for a few minutes - I've never used one before!

But technology can also bring us together in ways never possible before. A lady from our church works as a Bible translator in PNG and last Sunday we were able to ring her from church and speak to her in real time. She had a mobile phone with her in the village she was working in, and our minister used his mobile connected to the sound system to ring her.

I was sitting there marvelling at the possibilities. How amazing that we can learn how our missionaries are going right now, that a whole church can talk to one of our members in a 3rd world country, that we can get prayer points in real time - without the several weeks delays that post takes.

I'm willing to put up a few more technology breakdowns if it means we can use it in such amazing ways.

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