November 21, 2009

Feeling hot, hot, hot

The heat the last few days has been incredible. Possibly made worse by driving around in a dark coloured car with no air conditioning.

Whenever I start complaining about the heat I like to remind myself that I grew up in the tropics, where there were months of heat, not just a few days. After a few minutes of self righteousness I then begin complaining about it again.

I tried to remember what the heat felt like in Vanuatu growing up and maybe write a 'Growing up Island' post about it. But honestly I can't remember much - or not enough to write a coherent post about. Maybe the brain squashes that sort of thing so you forget it, over wise you would never want to go back again. Or maybe because I was a kid it didn't effect me as much?
I remember the sun was fierce - a little red head girl with white white skin learns early on to stay inside during the main hours of sunlight. The sun feels closer to you than it does in Sydney. (Which it is, right? Because we're closer to the equator? . . . My high school geography teacher would be hitting his head against a wall knowing I was even asking that question.)

I remember there were days when I would lie on the floor (it was lino on top of concrete) under my bed during the middle of the day trying to cool down.

And being covered with sweat was a normal occurrence.

So I guess it did effect me after all. Maybe I just tend to dwell in the moment. Which is now, where it's so hot that I can't sleep. And I'm day dreaming about lying on a hard, cool lino floor.

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