October 6, 2009

The Lord is King!

I find it interesting that among Christian children circles (especially in Sydney), you only have to say Colin and people know who you are talking about. No full name needed.

Being a Sunday school teacher I know most Colin songs by heart, and I'm a bit of a fan.
So when a friend from church rang to say she had tickets for her and her kids but had to work and did I want to take them for her, I jumped at the chance.

It was my first Colin concert, I had alot of fun :) - probably as much as the kids; I love being an early childhood teacher! Colin sang a range of songs from across all his albums - and entertained the kids between the songs with crazy clothes changes and silly skits.

I'd defiantly recommend going to one, it's very reasonable compared to alot of other kids concerts I've seen advertised and I felt that Colin interacted well with he kids, getting their input and encouraging them to join in. I'd say that the best age is preschool to early school (4-7 year olds)The almost 3-year-old I took was a little overwhelmed for most of it, but got up and danced towards the end, where as her 4 year old brother loved the whole thing.

I hope Colin is still doing concerts when I have kids.


naomi said...

oh, your so lucky to have been there! We tried to book tickets, but it was all sold out:( Girls were so upset.
I am hoping he will be back again next year...we love Colin!!

Erin said...

yeah, I think it sold out quickly, friends of mine tried to get tickets but couldn't. I was lucky, I wasn't even planning to go but got to :). I think he does a few concerts around Sydney every year so hopefully your girls will get to see him next year.