August 3, 2009

Wrap up

We went to the market on Saturday. It wasn't the rip-roaring success I day dreamed about, but it was a good experience. The waking up early, setting up my stall, the hours of standing and watching. I did take a few photos, but they are on Joshua's fancy camera so I can't work out how to download them :). I'll get him to help me do that soon.

A few friends came and supported me, including friends I haven't seen in years, which was so great!

I sold a few dresses - and made enough to cover costs for the day. It was intersting to see what people were interested in, I was amazed no one was interested in the pants, and I only sold 1 shirt.

Saturday night I was really discouraged, packed everything up, put my machine away and decided to have a break. But on Sunday I woke up with ideas on how to do it differently. I also had an idea for a new design which I'm looking forward to trying out.

To save my sanity though, I decided to give Purple Frangipani a little rest (for at least a week :), I pulled out my machine and started to make a dress for me instead. Uni starts back this week so I'm back in to that theories and lesson plans.

But I'll definatly be having a few more markets, expecially closer to Christmas. Stay tuned :)!

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