July 28, 2009

Midnight deadlines

Something about the night spurs me onto action. I can sit all day at the computer, or the sewing machine and get a bit done. But once it hits 8 at night suddenly I'm hit with a new energy and can get a whole lot done.

I wonder what it is about the night. The stillness, the darkness, the no-one is here-ness. Or maybe I'm just lazy, and the last few hours before bed act as a deadline.

It's the opposite for more physical things, I can happily get the house cleaned before 10 in the morning. I like to get the grocery shopping done before mid day.

So maybe it's that different parts of my brain work better at different times of the day. The physical part of my brain wakes up refreshed, but gets restless if I sit down for too long, but after my body is worn out I can settle down to things that require concentration.

I think I'll stick with that theory :) , sounds better than the lazy thing.

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