May 25, 2009

Not the way I wanted

On Saturday Mum and I and a couple of ladies from church went to Equip. It was a really great day, I missed last years so I was eager to go this year.

The talks were from Esther, which is one of my favourite books in the Bible. (As a child I loved the books of Esther and Ruth, probably because they both were named after women - but now I love them for the stories of faith). Esther also proves somethings I've always believed firmly; "There's no such thing as coincidences, just God at work."

After the talks Nicole did a live 'blog post' with Ali. I ,of course, poked Mum and said - "hey I know her!" (which I don't really, but I do read her blog)

Ali said something which struck a cord with me that she had learnt from Esther. I can't remember exactly, but what I remember was something along these lines;
Sometimes we think that because we can't serve God the way we wanted to then we don't have to try - that God has gotten it wrong. Instead we should look for how God wants us to serve him in the life he has given us.

Some times I fall into that trap, I think 'Well God I was going to do this for you, but you didn't let it happen so that's a bit of a waste isn't it?' instead I should be saying 'So God, this is where you have placed me and I believe you have put me here for a reason. Please show me how I can serve you here.'

I imagine that when Esther was young she didn't plan on being married to the King who had her people in exile, having to wait until he called for her, and spending days in the harem with no (or little) access to her family. But God used her where he had placed her, though it mightn't have been what she expected.

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HIS daughter said...

Wow, thank you so much for this reminder! I am a part of the kindred spirit network and have just been going through some blogs and it is just such an encouragement to be able to know that there are like-minded young women out there that are seeking after the Lord! Definately a blessing :)