May 24, 2009

I really have no patience for being sick.

I came home from my absolutely fabulous prac on Wednesday and promptly spend the next day in bed with a bucket beside me and the room spinning in a most unnerving way.

I can understand that, and was thankful that it didn't happen while on prac. And the next day I was able to sit up a bit, but still bearly had the energy to do more than leaf through a book and listen to a CD.

But by the next day I feel like I should be back to normal and forget that I haven't had any food in me for 2 days and wonder why I feel so incredibly tired.

But now it is 3 days since I first came down with it and am very happy that I am able to go about my normal(ish) routine.

I really need to learn that sometimes it's okay to slow down a little.

But in better news prac was absolutely wonderful. I miss my class already - did I ever say I don't want to work in school? Because I've changed my mind - I love the idea of a little class of my own. Which is good because it opens up another set of possibilities for next year . . . will I really be out there teaching this time next year? - it's too unbelievable to be true!

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