April 12, 2009

In which life is recorded

Dad was on the TV. It was the country news which we don't get in Sydney because Sydney siders are stuck up and don't need to know what goes on out west. (Actually I've watched it when I went out there and it's pretty boring, which just proves what a city snob I've become). But I happened to be on the phone with Dad when it came on and he held the phone up to the TV so I could hear. They interviewed Dad because the local RSL opened on Good Friday for the first time and they wanted a ministers opinion.

I babysat the babies while the women had Bible study and watched one little one move stackable cups one by one across the room 10 times. I then tried to teach a little boy that if you are no longer playing with something and have started playing with something else that it is perfectly okay for someone else to touch the first thing. I think I failed.

I had a discussion with girls at uni about arranged marriage. I hadn't met anyone who had grown up in Australia who had had an arranged marriage before so I was interested. I was also the only girl with an Anglo background who wasn't against the idea.

Josh (my brother) was away for a few days. Even though he is often out when I go to bed it's a weird feeling to know he won't be in his room when I get up in the morning. The house feels emptier. I made a yummy seafood and vegetable curry.

I remembered that my saviour died to take the punishment I deserved, but he then came back to life to prove his power over the evil one.

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