March 31, 2009

Here's a little heart for you

If there is one thing that annoys me on people's blogs is when music starts playing automatically. Nothing will make me click off a blog quicker. The problem is that if I have been watching DVD's on my computer (which I sometimes do when I sew) the volume is turned right up. So when a song starts up it generally blasts right in my ear and scares me half o death.`(Here's a hint to everyone who dose have it; please only have it play when I turn it on, or make it easy to find so I can turn it off otherwise I'm outta there asap).

But this is all about to come undone in the following story.
I was browsing though some blogs and came across Portabellopixie, the blog of a lady who designs gorgeous children's patterns and also lovely fabric. A song started up. My volume had been turned down and I didn't have any of my own music playing so I let it keep going. Then I started to think "Actually, that's kinda cool." I kept turning back the music player to listen to the first two songs. They were by someone called Lenka, who I had never heard of before.

I did a google search and found out she was an Australian singer (which makes her all the more cooler). It took a bit of searching but I found her CD and I have been enjoying listening to it ever since. Her sound is hard to describe - a bit quirky; happy and whimsical.

It's a cool story for how I came across my new favourite artist. But it doesn't mean I like blog music any more that I did . . . I might just listen for two seconds instead of one before closing it down.

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