February 23, 2009

Two shirts

I realised I haven't shown much of the sewing I've been doing lately, even though I've rarely been away from the sewing machine for a lot of my holidays.

This is partly because a lot of what I've been sewing is for the shop and I'm sure if you really wanted to see it you could head over there :), otherwise I won't exhaust you with 10 versions of the same baby dress. The other reason is because I'm having major body issues at the moment so I think anything I wear looks gross. Which is a shame because I quite liked the latest dress I'd made until I wore it.

So when I finally finished two shirts for Joshua I had to share them. Josh likes wearing collared button down shirts, but can't always find ones that he likes. He picked the fabric and I had a go at making a couple.

I used Simplicity 5366, but used the smallest size and make a mock up. I then put it on Joshua and tailored it quite a bit to make it more a fitted look. I also put two darts down the back.

The look isn't perfect because I'm not a professional pattern alterer, but I'm impressed with the result.

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