February 27, 2009

Dude, did you not learn the first time?!

I've been reading through Genesis lately and I noticed something. These people are not perfect. Far from it. People who had God speak directly to them, stuff up again and again and again.
They keep repeating the same mistake. I'm reading it from the beginning I've gotten the flow of the book and I can see what happens from one chapter to the next. Some times I get so exasperated with them and feel like saying "Dude, did you not learn that the first time?! Can't you remember anything?!"

I'm almost surprised that God doesn't just throw up his hands and say, "Okay, I'm over it. This is too much work. No more. That's it. The end." (Which just proves how little patience I have and how much He has) But He doesn't. He keeps on going, gently reminding them who He is and showing them what He wants them to do.

Once I get over the feelings of disgust and annoyance I'm glad that God doesn't give up. And I'm glad that He recorded these stories.

Because once again I am on my knees asking for forgiveness for a sin I've committed again. And as I read these stories I'm reminded that God keeps with me, despite my faults, constantly helping me to become more like Him. No matter how many times I fail.

(photo from sxc)

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