February 1, 2009

Of Babies and Sunburn

I spent the last week child minding at the Quizworx retreat. 2 almost four year olds and 3 baby/toddlers; I was in my element :). I'm a little unsettled by how happy and content I am when lugging around a baby on my hip.

I also experience for the first time in my life the sleep deprivation that comes from a 10 month old deciding to wake at 2 am and cry for an hour for no apparent reason. But the next morning he crawls up to me and grins, and I reach down for a cuddle and forget to be mad.

I managed to go the whole week without getting sun burnt, despite the numerous trips to the beach, the pool and the park. But I managed to spoil it by getting so sun burnt on the way home I can bearly move. Which wouldn't be so bad, but we have Sunday School dedication today and all the teachers will be prayed for at the front of the church. So I will have to stand in front of the whole congregation looking like a big, red lobster.

One day I will remember to put on sunscreen every single day no matter what and never get burnt again.


Katie said...

I don't know if you're inclined to wear make-up but a bit of foundation will help cover up (or at least tone down) the red. Otherwise you can use the embarrassment of the experience to remind you to wear sunscreen in future!

Erin said...

I do hope that I will be able to shame myself into remembeing sunscreen . . . we shall see.

Thanks for the tip, luckily my face wasn't too bad - more my arms; not much I con do about them.