February 4, 2009

Joy in the simple things

My arms were so sunburnt over the weekend that I couldn't raise my arms above my head. Which limits alot of activites, like putting my hair up in a pony tail, slipping a t-shirt over my head, or washing my hair.

I've been surviving by hiding my hair under head bands and bandannas. Today I was finally able to wash my hair properly, and it felt so good. It's easy to forget the little things in life that give the simple joy to everday life.

So I'm going to make a special effort this week to take joy in the little things in life;

- Slipping between freshly washed sheets that smell of sunshine and crisp air.

- Driving up to a red light just as it turns green.

- Having fresh clean water to drink all the time.

- The smell of jasmine when I walk down to the letter box.

- Cleaning out your wardrobe and discovering that gorgeous skirt that you forgot you owned.

What little things bring a smile to your face?

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