February 16, 2009

Blog it

If you are a regular blog reader you will know the weird relationship you have with people whose blog you read regualry but don't know in real life.

These people let you into their lives, you get to 'hear' about their ups and downs. You see major milestones and find out about the day to day non-events.

And from that you feel like you know them. Sometimes it's two sided, you read each others blogs and comment, and a relationship builds up. Other times it's one sided, especially if you just read and don't comment much. But still, you care about what happens to them.

A few months ago one of the blogs I read had some awful news. After I read it I felt sick and was down all night. Mum had rung up and I was trying to explain why I was upset and Mum said
"It's like when something happens to a famous person, someone you see on the news."

But it's not really like that, it's a bit different, becasue there is a real person on the other side of the computer, often with similar beliefs, interests and world views as I do. Still I feel a bit silly feeling things so deeply for someone I had never met.

Then it happened again a few weeks ago. Once again I didn't really know how to react. If I knew them in real life I would have turned up on their door step with a meal, or offer to do something around the house. But all I can do is pray, leave a comment, and wish I could do just a little bit more.


Andrew Murray said...

I hear you on the one-sided thing. There are some people that I know in real life, whose thoughts and nature I know far too well through their blog, but don't know me terribly well at all. Even people on whose blogs I've commented regularly and tried to maintain it as a two-way thing, I still feel like I know them much much better than they know me. Problematic at times, but yeah. Similarly, some people's art that I've followed on the web is great, and they become important to me in my head, but I've never met them.

Yes, the irony here is that you're one such person that I'm following, but I haven't spoken to you in years. :) It's a strange world.

Erin said...

lol, I agree it is a strange world - and the internet makes it stranger. Trying to find balance in differnt types of relationships is almost impossible

Glad to say 'hi', even if it's through cyberspace :)