January 3, 2009

And there's cricket, on the radio

For me, the sound of cricket on the radio is the sound of summer. In Vanuatu we could get radio national from Australia and I have memories of Dad carrying around his little portable radio as he did odd jobs around the collage. And on our trips home, the sound track of our long drives around the country was the ABC radio commentary.

It was only once I came back to Australia that I began to have an interest in the game. At first it was only on TV, but as I grew to understand what was going on, I could follow it on the radio. Cricket commentary is lovely and soothing, a slow marauder of topics around the game, with a description of each ball, interspersed with a few highlights like a wicket or a century or a controversial decision.
It is perfect to listen to when you are not really listening, like when I’m sewing or writing a paper, or doing housework.

I look forward to each test, and the days of listening pleasure they bring.

Now, if only Australia would start doing well again.

(photo from sxc)


Kitty said...

I understand what you mean, Erin. I have great memories of sitting in the car listening to the cricket with my Dad. Now we go and see 20/20 games together, because without the commentary, test matches don't have the same appeal.

Erin said...

We have been to a few one-day matches as a family and Mum usually has her headphones on to listen to the radio commentry; but it's not the same as everyone being able to hear the comments.

Are you going to any games this year? Dad got he and I tickets for the 2020 against South Africa in Brisbane when we are up there - can't wait!

Rachael said...

I suspect it's going to be good for the national ego to be on the other side for a while.

Erin said...

quite possibly true :)