December 23, 2008

Be quick to encourage

Last Sunday was the last Sunday School for the year. There was the annual 'report to the church about what we've been doing' segment during the service.

We also give a small gift to each child in our class.

I had finished the report on what the preschool class had done during the year, complete with photos on the big screen which made one of my little pupils beside herself with excitement.

As I gave each child their gift I thanked them especially for something that they bring to our class.

For example one little boy always makes sure that everyone has a seat at group time, and will always take peoples craft to them if they forget it, so I thanked him for 'being so kind and loving to everyone'.
The little girl who loved seeing her photo is the most happy little thing and will burst into song at any moment (and now she is beginning to talk, I can actually understand some of the words :) ) so I thanked her for 'bringing her happy, bubbly spirit to our class'.

It was a simple thing that I didn't think too much about after I'd given the talk, but the reaction I got from other people in the congregation was amazing. They were so happy to hear positive things about people in our church.

It made me wonder, are we more willing to share the bad with each other than the good? As a church do we complain so much more than we encourage?

It shouldn't be that way, we should be building one another up in love. We should be encouraging people in the little contributions they give to our church family.

It was a definite wake up call for me, to be more positive in the way I talk, and to be more proactive in my encouragement of those around me.

(As a side note, I'm spending Christmas with Mum and Dad, and have decided to spend a few extra days with them to recover from 'life'. While I'm up there I'm planning on taking a blog break, so I'll take the time now to wish everyone a Happy Christmas celebrating our Lords birth, and a fun New Year. I'll be back in 2009!)

(photo from sxc)


Brianna said...

Hi Erin! I just found your blog through "Hope Road," and I love it. It's always encouraging to find a sister in Christ--one who loves God and is seeking to please Him! I've bookmarked your blog and will return soon!

Erin said...

Hi Brianna, nice to 'meet' you!