November 18, 2008


I use to be the kind of person who would fill up the car as soon as the dial hit quarter full. These days with the price of petrol I try to leave it for as long as possible. Now I only start looking for a petrol station when the fuel light comes on on the dash board.

Every time I see the light I am reminded of the time when my friends and I were just learning how to drive. My friend ran out of petrol one day in the middle of no where and had to be rescued by her Dad with a can of fuel.

"Didn't you see the warning light?' I asked.

"Yeah, but I thought it would start flashing or something to let me know I was really running out."

I laugh about that now, but I wonder how often we do that same thing in life. When we begin on the road to sin there is always a warning light telling us to stop and pay attention. But we ignore it, and think it's all okay. When we find ourselves in deep trouble we protest "But I didn't know it was that bad, I didn't see a flashing light."(or words to the equivalent)

We need to have our eyes and ears open to God warnings. Be willing to change the little things before we get caught up in sin.

But if you do warn the righteous man not to sin and he does not sin, he will surely live because he took warning. Ezekiel 3:21

photo from sxc

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