June 10, 2008

Initial thoughts after watching Prince Caspian

1. Really enjoyed it

2. Not a kids movie at all (too violent)

3. Not enough Aslan

4. Completely different from the book

But I think being so different from the book helped it a bit. If it had been more like the book I may have been more annoyed at the things they changed. (- Spoiler Alert- Deleting most of Aslans scenes, making Peter weak and un-High King like, turning Susan into a warrior queen, turning Lucy's first conversation with Aslan into a dream sequence, the Caspian/Susan romance etc) This way I was able to forget that it was meant tot be the book and just enjoy the beautiful scenery, costumes and music.

That said there were quite a few themes that got me thinking, which I'd like to explore a bit later on. Like trusting even when you don't know why things are allowed to happen, following the right way even if it means separating from those you love and trust.

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