June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy

A few days ago I alluded to a momentous occasion in Dads life.

Last Saturday we celebrated Dad's 50th Birthday. That's right - my father is now half a century old.
We had a small gathering of family and friends. My favourite part was going through all the photos of Dad life from a cute little toddler, to his long haired 'hippy' days (it was the 70's). When he married Mum, when I was born, then Joshua. The year in Vanuatu he had malaria 4 times and was scarily thin. Moving back to Australia.

We all gave speeches, and Josh noted all the things that Dad had taught him including; "It's impossible to give a good speech without crying". We all ended up in tears at one point. But honestly it seems to be our family's way - there's no getting out of it.

Everyone in the family got together and bough Dad a Bridge Climb as a present. I think climbing the Harbour bridge is a pretty good way to commemorate 50 years on this earth.

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