May 11, 2008

The Faithful Writer

I'm up visiting Mum and Dad for a few days (I managed to coincide my trip with mothers day - isn't that good of me :) ). Something I love about visiting Mum and Dad (besides seeing them of course!) is that they subscribe to a few Christian magazines, like the Briefing and Australian Presbyterian (the website looks a bit boring, but it's got some good articles in it). I enjoy going through them and reading about different topics and being challenged about different issues. While I was looking at the Briefing I noticed that they had a 12 month concession subscription for only $30 - I can afford that.

Then while I was on their web site I noticed a link to The Faithful Writers conference. It looks really interesting, it's a one day christian writers confrencse in Sydney. I especially like the look of the elective Writing for Children. I have always wanted to write for children (actually I already have written a few children's books but I'm too chicken to actually do anything with them like send to a publisher). I think it would be something useful to go to, especially if I'm serious about my writing and wanting to use to to serve God.

The Faithful Writer conference (2 August 2008)

There are free downloads of talks from last year. I haven't listened to them yet, but the topics look interesting and I have read some things that the speakers have written which I enjoyed. Did anyone go last year?

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