April 29, 2008

We moved again

In the Little House series Ma has a china Shepherdess that is always the last thing to be unpacked when they move house. It only ever comes out when everything is finished and the house is starting to feel like a home. Every time they move house there is always a big deal made when the china shepardess is unpacked and put on a shelf. It was something that said to the family ‘this is where we are living now’.

There are a few things that I like to have in my room, without which I don’t feel quite at home.
There is my photo wall, with photos of all the people most precious to me.

There is the little figurine that Mum gave me to remind me that she misses me.

But always the last thing to be put up is the three frangipanis on my door. I don’t put them up until I feel like my room is ready to live in. Everything has to be unpacked, and neat and tidy. They always make me smile when I walk in the door.

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