April 29, 2008

Anzac Day

Anzac day was on 25th April, but we were still moving and we don't have internet so I thought I'd add my thoughts now.

Anzac day is the day when Australia remembers and commemorates all the men and women who fought to keep Australia safe and free. There is a march (parade) in most of the cities/large towns where all the service men march in their regiments, marching bands play and people line the streets waving flags. I love seeing my Pa on Anzac day, he wears his medals and I feel proud that he was willing to sacrifice his youth to serve our country. I thank God that he is still with us and able to get around.

Pa says he is too old to march. He goes to watch and takes a chair so he can sit down. I think he should go in one of the cars that drive the men that are too frail to be able to walk the long distance. But he is too proud, and just watches.

He was on the ABC news on Anzac day. Pa told us that he was interviewed so we taped it in case he was put on TV. He was, and Josh and I screamed and cheered when we saw him. It's a good thing that we taped it so we could rewind and actually listen to what he had to say :).

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