February 13, 2008


Today is a day Australia said Sorry.

One small little word, but it took so long to say. I don’t pretend to know lots of details of my country’s history (of this I am ashamed) and I admit there were times when I have been sick of hearing about all the horrible things that settlers did to Aboriginal communities through the years.

Many people have said that this generation can not say Sorry for a previous generation’s sin, but as a Christian I believe we can. Sin is in my generation because it came through the very first man and woman. Salvation came for my generation many years ago. In the same way I can be Sorry that my country treated a group of people like they were less than human.

I hope today goes down in history as a momentous day. But at the same time it is not enough to just say the words; we need to have them translate into actions for it to actually mean something.

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