December 20, 2007

Something about this time of year

Always makes me think of my Nana (Mum's mum). She loved Christmas. My favourite Christmas memory is the year all of the F___ family headed up to Nana and Pa's property. Thats 5 'children' and their spouses, and at least 10 grankids (I don't think all of us where there). People everywhere! I was about 10 and slept in the dinning room with my cousin Fiona.

Gift giving time was chaotic, Christmas lunch a crazy laughing, happy time. Nana was there, a calming force keeping us all in order in the most loving way.

I sometimes feel like that side of the family is less close since Nana died. Not that we don't love each other as much, but Nana was better at getting us all to come together more often.

All the extra sewing I'm doing also reminds me of her. It was Nana who first taught me how to sew and supported my clumsy attempts at dolls clothes. I have a few bits of clothing that she made for me when I was younger that I will never throw away. When Pa was here a little while ago he kept grasping my hand and saying "Your Nan would be so proud of you. So proud."

Oh Nana, I miss you so much! How glad I am that you knew Our Lord personally too, that you are in a place that is free of pain. One day I will be able to see you again.
(Picture of Nana and I taken quite a while ago, I was about 18 month)

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