November 25, 2007

There are some new Christmas Casuals at work

It's hard to believe that I've been working there for a year now.

Watching the new girls struggle with the credit cards and teaching them how to explain the best way to burn a candle so it doesn't drip makes me realise how far I have come.

There are still days when I feel I have not beat any of my demons, but I can look back over the year and see how much I have overcome. I think working has helped me a bit to do that.

I am able to walk up to strangers and ask if they need any help.
I can make small talk with random people.
I can wake up and get dressed and be somewhere on time.
I can smile when I don't feel like smiling.
I can be friends with girls that are so different to everyone I know.
I can ask for help when I stuff up. (Still happens more regularly than it should)

All of these are small, and to some people come naturally. But for me they are a sign that I am growing, that God is working in me and that with His help I am beating my demons.

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