November 26, 2007

I need of a bit of encouragment

I work casually at a church run day care. By church run I mean Christian. At least half of the staff is Christian, we sing Christian songs, have Bible stories, say grace before every meal and do other 'Christian' stuff.

Most of our children are not from Christian homes. I always thought that if they send their child to a church run center they would understand that we, the staff, are positive towards Christian things and God in general.

The last half hour of each day we put on a DVD. Normally its things like Hi-5, The Wiggles, Thomas the Tank Engine, etc,etc. Today our director put on a Colin Buchanan DVD. For those who don't know Colin Buchanan - he's great.

I love his music. He is the best Aussie Christian kids singer I have heard (He also does cool adults stuff too.). I love to use his CD's for Sunday school, in church, just to have on when looking after kids and (I admit) I even have some of his stuff on my ipod to listen to. But seriously He is THAT GOOD. The songs are fun, catchy, and explain profound Biblical truths in simple ways, and he does a lot of Bible verses put to music. All the kids I know love to listen (and dance) to them.

Anyway, today I happened to be the only staff in the room with 5 kids and two of the Mum's who had come to pick up their kids. The DVD playing was Colin's Favourites (I don't usually endorse things but this is great. I really encourage everyone to check it out); one song came on called Jesus Rocks the World.

Here are some of the words

Shout it out, tell every body, Jesus rocks the World!
He rocks it cos he made it
And His kingdom will endure
When Jesus Christ returns
He's gonna rock it to the core

I had been so glad our director had put on the DVD becasue (I case you haven't yet got the idea) I love listening to Colin Buchanan and I love hearing the kids singing along to words like "Remember the Lord, remember that he's in control, He's watching his children, He cares."

But the two Mums were horrified.
"That is so offensive!" Said one "It's okay if they pray before meals - but putting on a DVD like that!"
I was aghast. What can be offensive about it? He wasn't putting anyone down, only saying how great God was.
"I really don't like all the religious things. I don't want my daughter exposed to all that. I'm going to talk to [the director] about this, and I want in writing their religious policy."
(Which she would have already got when she signed her daughter in.)
"Do they get the kids to sing songs like that? We have to speak up and stop this."

This was all between each other and went on for a good 15 minutes. I was getting more and more upset but I didn't know what to say. And I didn't know if it was my place to say anything; I'm a causal and a girl in her early-twenties (I look even younger when I pull my hair up and have no make-up on).

Then the mother that was most upset said "Come here" to her daughter "I do NOT want you watching that." Then to me "What is the name of that video? Do they watch it often?"

I tried to stammer out a response but I'm so shy when people are snapping at me and I was fighting back tears and I never know what to say in those situations anyway. I hate to think what she told her daughter on the ride home.

On the way home I was so upset, I rang Dad up and had a cry to him. I would have expected that sort of response if I had put on that DVD at a public/state run child care, but the mother knew it was a Christian day care, we don't hide what we do, the denomination of the church is even in the centers name for goodness sake.

I wish I had thought of something good to say or that the director had been there to say the right thing, but she was having an interview with another parent.
So I'm just a bit fragile and teary at the moment. Anyone have anything to say to cheer me up?


Rachel said...

Oh that sounds aweful! I don't think I would've done or said anything more than what you did. I hope that it all works out okay. *hugs* You did fine. I would love to have worked in a Christian Day Care at some point and yes I completely agree that it's weird she was so offended by the DVD. I worked in a Jewish centre a couple of times and that was fascinating but very clearly Jewish....surely it would be the same for a Christian one. Sounds like Mum is in denial about where her daughter spends the day or never really thought about it before.

Lill said...

My heart goes out to you and is with you. I am on the way out the door but will come back to you....I had this happen to me. My father and stepmother were "Christian" and followed it strictly---when I became Born-Again and had let my baby sister (at the time who was 9) listen to Carmen (Know him?) they had a fit...."I understand going to church and all, that is what we do...but, too much of anything is not good for you." I was dumbfounded, the same state you were in today....that only had me dialing Him up more, getting His on my sister--keep on keeping on---believe me sweetie---alot of people in this world have no idea what and who we are about--even if they say they are Christian--

I hope I have encouraged you at least to persevere and know that people say all the time they are Christians--why? because they believe in God and Jesus...have no clue who they are and what being a Christian is about but they think they are---I grew up in a "Christian" home and had no idea and had no idea what I was doing and no idea who God really was until I went on my own journey...hang in there....I will be back!

Katie said...

Hi, I've just found your blog (followed a like from the Sense and Sensibility forums to look at dresses, then decided to have a look around) so I'm aware this is a bit late. I'm not Christian myself, but it seems irrational of those parents not to expect Christian activities in a Christian day care centre. If they didn't want their children exposed to Christianity, they should have chosen to send them somewhere else. And, I don't blame you for not knowing how to respond - I wouldn't have either.