March 10, 2014


While at other times in the car I listen to music, podcasts or the radio for some reason the drive to work is always silent.
My mind is still waking up, moving between sleeping and a new day.
I think about the day ahead. Run over the schedule in my mind. Remind myself of things I want to do, parents I need to talk with, how I will run group times, what activities I want to set out today, messages I need to pass on, what things I need to do when work finishes.
I muse over the day before, conversations I had had, something I had read, grocery lists, cross things off my mental to-do lists.
I pray; for my kids, for the other teachers, for things on my mind, for relationships, thanking God for things, asking for wisdom.
I sing songs in my mind, hum softly to myself.

I use to be afraid of silence.
But it doesn't scare me anymore. I'm not afraid of what I will think.

Sometimes I get to work and I wonder how on earth I got there. The backstreets I take to avoid traffic all merge together and nothing is ever different enough to catch my attention.

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