January 1, 2014

Recycling and Forest Walks

One of the things I like about staying with locals is doing things that a tourist never would. Today Evelyn and I went to take the bottles to recycling. Hehe, totally random and not a tourist thing at all! 

All the plastic and glass bottles in the house are collected into garbage bag. (There was a lot after Christmas!) 

We drove them off to the bottle depot. 

There we sorted the bottles into different boxes depending on what they are made of and what was in them.

 Then we took it to the cashier to be counted and get money for the bottles. 

Not a bad system. 

Then we took the family's dog, Molly, for a walk in Watershed park. 

Apparently it is classified as a rainforest as the woods are so wet. We had to wear gumboots to go walking, as the trails were so muddy. It was a really different type of forest, wet with lots of moss growing on the trunks of leafless trees. It was particulary misty today, a low blanket of cloud over the whole forest which impacted the light in amongst the trees. 

It's still New Year's Eve here today, the house is in the midst of preparations for a gathering tonight. 


Pamela McKean said...

It would be nice to be paid for recycling. The forest looked a bit eerie. Hope you have a fun New Year's Eve.

Erin said...

I think the photos make it more eerie than it was, but I was glad to have Molly with us to alert us if anyone was around.