January 4, 2014

Polar Bear Swim

Woke up late on New Years Day, and Evelyn made waffles for breakfast. Then we had to scrabble out the door to be at a beach called White Rock for the annual Polar Bear Swim. 

Basically crazy Canadians think it's fun to jump into freezing cold water without much clothing on, on New Year's Day. Personally the appeal is not really there for me. Colin and a whole bunch of his family did it, the beach is quite shallow for a fair way, so it's more of a run in cold water than a swim. 

At White Rock there is a long peir and rock wall, apparently they filmed Free Willy there. It's about an 800m walk out, you get a great view back at the beach and then look out across the Pacific towards the USA border. 

Friends of the family live near the beach so we went back there for lunch, they have a super cute little beach house which I fell in love with. As we were driving home we happened to go past 'The Skinny House' - apparently the thinnest house in North America, 8 feet wide. 

Colin and Evelyn had a friend over for dinner, and we had a go of making pasta from scratch. Lots of fun!


Katie Lindsay said...

They do the same thing in Edinburgh (which may be slightly less chilly) but they call it the Loony Dook

Erin said...

Hehe, those people in Northern Hemisphere :)