December 28, 2013

In transit

Currently sitting in LA airport, on my stop over between Sydney and Vancouver. I just passed a vending machine where I could buy a phone straight out of the machine and there is a lady across the gate lounge with a small dog in a carrier bag who I think is planning on taking it as carry on luggage?

6 months of planning and it's finally here; long awaited trip to North America. Mainly to visit my friends but with a bit of sight seeing along the west coast of America as well.

Was so so blessed to have a row to myself on the first leg of the journey (Sydney to LA) which meant I was able to stretch out and try to get some sleep. Crossing the date line and the time difference means that my mind is a bit confused about what time it actually is. The last few months I've had more than my share of late nights, which may turn out to be great training for jet lag, haha.

LA airport is remarkably similar to most domestic airports (it lets itself down on the whole 'you just landed in united stars' experience). You wouldn't know you were in another country except for all the American accents around me. Thoughts on America so far; security is crazy tight- I've had my documents checked about 5 times already and been finger printed and all I want to do is transfer between flights; all the service people are beyond incredibly polite; American people are more friendly than I thought they would be.

After being told horror stories about LA airport I was pleasantly surprised about how easy it was to find the terminal I needed. I decided to forgo the bus ride between terminals as it was only a 15 minute walk and considering the traffic I expect the bus would have taken double that time.

Can't wait to catch up with Colin and Evelyn - let the adventure begin!


Katie Lindsay said...

Looking forward to hear about your travels - I'm jealous!

Erin said...

Hehe, you'll go one day :).

Katie Lindsay said...

I'd need a lifetime and a fortune to go all the places I want to go!