October 15, 2013

Currently 3

Lots of Early Childhood Australia Professional Learning Program e-newsletters. Lots of great info in these, brushing up on some knowledge as I take on more responsibilities at preschool.

Refreshed after a fun school holiday, which included a few days in Kiama with Mum and Dad.

Happy thoughts :)

Working with my closest friend again. It's been ages, but feels amazing. And her bubba just turned 6 months! Where has the year gone?

Lots of my ideas for my trip at the end of the year. Vancouver, San Francisco, Disneyland; here I come!

A verse I'm reading
My readings finished up Judges (the end of that book shows just how crazy the world can get then 'everyone did as they saw fit' Judges 21:25) and has now moved onto Ruth. Much happier book :)
I love the story of Ruth, a foreign girl in an alien land, leaving her family, culture and religion to be with her mother-in-law and accept the one true God.

May the Lord repay you for what you have done. May you be richly rewarded by the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge. Ruth 2:12

This blessing from Boaz before there is even a hint of a relationship is lovely. This book is often seen as a love story but I think it is so much mo
re. It is about God richly rewarding someone who took refuge in Him. Ruth wasn't an Israelite so that fact she honours and follows Yahweh is even more powerful, and God blesses her with a family and being part of the kingly linage, which ultimately brings us Jesus.

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