May 15, 2013


We all come together, 7 young women, in the middle of the week.
To share lives together for a few hours on a Wednesday evening.

From many different backgrounds, but all at similar stages. Young women, finishing study or just out into the work force, without families or couple commitments. Press the button at the door, and the door buzzes open at the same time as a muffled "Hello?" is heard, because they know were coming. We all tend to turn up at the same time, call greetings up the stairs.

Settle down on the miss matched lounges, in the small flat in the inner West. Clearly furnished by parents extras and hand-me-downs from friends, the typical living of people just starting out.
Catching up on the week, laughter, friendly ribbing's, exasperated sighs about things we can't change.

They all drink tea, and I'm the odd one out with my glass of water. They discuss the different blends, allow the tea to seep in two tea pots, one green and the other with blue and white stripes. Someone pulls a sweet treat from their bag, baked if we're lucky, or bought if we ran out of time.

Then we settle down, pull books out of our bags. They all look different but contain the same ancient truths. Some books are small with creases and cracked leather that are falling apart, some have pieces of paper tucked in specific sections, one translation has Mandarin characters alongside the English words.

Heads bow for a moment as we open in prayer. Then the ancient but oh so relevant words are read and discussed. We ask big questions, and don't always have the answers. Opinions are tossed around the room, sometimes agreed with, sometimes puzzled looks follow a comment. We discover truths we hadn't realised before, or had forgotten for a while. Some of us have been reading this book since we came into this word, others didn't even know it existed until a few years ago.

We encourage, rebuke, teach, learn. Always seeking truth and Life.

We've been brought together, to this place, by the Author of this Book.

And He meets us there.

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