December 9, 2012


Thursday night was the 18th party of a friend of mine. She was in my first ever preschool Sunday school class, all those years ago. Haha, I feel old!
It's been so much fun to watch her grow up from a hyperactive kid to an amazing young woman of God I'm proud to call my friend :).

I convinced her to let me make her birthday cake (really wasn't that hard, I think our conversation went; Me "So, do you have a cake organised?" her "No, I'll probably make it", Me "Ooo, can I make it?", her "Sure!") hehe.

Two late nights totally worth it.


Katie Lindsay said...

Gorgeous! And I bet it was tasty too!

Erin said...

Katie it was so good, I made the icing from melted dark chocolate, cream and sugar which was amazing!

Rachael said...