August 19, 2012


A few weeks ago my brother and sister-in-law were at my parents the same time I were. While there my sister-in-law taught me how to crochet. The other times I had tried to learn how to crochet it I never got it, but this time it all clicked (it must have been my great teacher :) )
A few tries later I had done a granny square.
I then decided to start experimenting (because I'm hopeless at just sticking to one thing!) and made a whole bunch of flowers. The idea is to make enough to sew together for a scarf.

What I love about crocheting is that it's really easy to pick up and put down, no need to set up the machine, and easy to pop in your bag if you know you'll have to wait a while somewhere. This new skill already came in handy as I had a baby show for a friend from church coming up. I wanted to make something cute, but she doesn't know what they are having yet so my stockpile of shirts or dresses will have to wait until the baby is born. A few Internet searches later and a bit of experimenting I came up with this;

So cute! A watermelon beanie and bootie set. For the beanie I used this baby beanie tutorial, and the booties this one. I wasn't as happy with how the booties turned out. The decreasing stitches is something I need to keep practising - not as easy as increasing (as in the beanie). I'm thinking for the next baby set I might try a nappy cover instead of booties.

And there will defiantly be more sets; if last year was the year of the wedding, this year is the year of the baby. 2 born already and 5 more due within the next 7 months (that I know of so far!) It feels like every week a new announcement is being made on Facebook.


Katie Lindsay said...

The booties and beanie are adorable! Are you on Ravelry?
We have both babies and weddings happening this year!

Megan McKean said...

They look SO cute! You did such a great job!

Erin said...

Thanks Katie; I joined Ravelry but haven't done anything yet. We have 2 family weddings, but I'm not able to make it to either so I'm probably thinking babies more than weddings :)

Thanks Megan! I can't wait to see them on the baby, will look even cuter :)

Katie Lindsay said...

We had a wedding on Friday (so beautiful) while the babies won't be arriving until October and beyond (well, plus the one in Feb!)
I'm on Ravelry as Daybreak. I'm mostly there for the various groups, but it's a fabulous place to find (free) patterns