April 28, 2012

Yesterday, today, tomorrow

At the beginning of semester my Old Testament lecturer was taking about the timelessness of Gods Word. About how we need to study the Old Testament as much as the New.

I know the verse that says God's word is living and active (Hebrews 4:12) but until then I didn't understand it. I didn't get that when God inspired people to write the Bible thousands of years ago he had in mind all the people who would read it. That he wrote it for the people then, who would read it just after it happened. He wrote it for the Jews in exile. He wrote it for the Jews in Jesus' time. He wrote it for the new church. He wrote it for the church during the reformation. He wrote it for now.

God knew that through history people would read his word, and He wrote it the way he did to help all of his people to know Him. He wrote it to help the Israelites to know God better, yet he also wrote it for me (A 20-something single, educated, English speaking girl in 21st century Australia) to know God better.

How amazing is that?


JohnS said...

So typical. You post about the weather and people comment immediately. Then you post about our timeless, awesome God who has worked all the way through history to communicate with us. And all is quiet. Maybe everyone is just meditating on that truth. But hey, I just wanna shout it. HE IS AN AWESOME GOD!!!

Erin said...

It's the same reason we talk about what we watched on TV during morning tea after church instead of the sermon. We're afraid of talking about what means most to us.
So lets be brave enough to say it out loud :)