January 26, 2012


I've been trying to write a post about knowing God's will and direction in your life. But at the moment it's all just a disjointed mess of thoughts and words.

Instead I'll share my exciting news - I'm going back to study! Something I had thought I would do at some point but not this soon after finishing uni :). And about a month ago I had absolutely no plans to study, hadn't even crossed my mind; but God closed the door on the direction I was sure he was leading me and this opportunity came up suddenly and I thought, "Why not?"

I've organised to work part time and study part time; the plan is that in two years I will have a Graduate Diploma of Divinity. It's all been very sudden, each decision made within days - and now I start in one week!


Katie said...

Interesting. I look forward to hearing about your studies. What are you hoping to do with it when you've finished?

Erin said...

At the moment it's just for personal growth and learn more about my faith/the Bible, but who knows what the next two years will hold! I'm planning to continue with early childhood teaching when I'm done.