December 18, 2011

My Little Brothers Wedding

I won't bore you with the details of the last week and why I haven't got around to updating the wedding photos until now; just that on top of my usual activities this week included 1 farewell (sad), 2 migraines (blah) and my new room mates moving in (yay!). I'm really hoping the next week will be quieter before Christmas, but that may be wistful thinking :).

Anyway, I'll stop babbling and get to it.
Joshua and Megan, 9th December 2011.

Their wedding had a beautifully unique feel to it. It was one of those vintage/artsy/retro/designy/indie weddings (- you know what I mean!)  that I've seen photos of but never thought I'd ever go to.

Dad did the ceremony which was really special. Watching Dad and Josh interacting before the ceremony almost made me cry :).

The bridesmaids wore different dresses and carried balloons up the corridor of trees.

After having trouble finding a church for the ceremony in the town they wanted they found a gorgeous little park with hundreds of gorgeous trees. They set up streamers to give the 'altar' a defined feel.

They asked me to say a prayer for them during the ceremony - Because everyone bowed their heads to pray no one took any photos! Hopefully the official photographer got one :)

Here I am with Joshua and my new sister-in-law! I made this dress to wear at the wedding, absolutely loved it! Details to come.

While they were having photographs taken, Joshua and Megan hired an ice cream van to come and everyone got to have an ice cream - yum! It was a cool idea (haha, pun unintended), as the van drove up people were unsure what it was doing there, but then a friend came around and said "Help yourself" so everyone did :). Great talking point.

The reception was held in an old performing arts hall that they had spend the day before decorating.


There was a yummy lolly table and everyone was asked to bring something for dessert. I made my gingerbread. So yummy, and cute too.

And so, they are now married. Hard to believe that's my little brother! (I have to keep saying that because so many people from Megan's side kept asking me how much younger than Joshua I am, and were surprised to hear I'm 2 years older! Mum says it's a good thing for people to think you are younger than you are but at this point in my life I like to claim my full 25 years).


Katie said...

Your dress is gorgeous (can't wait to see more!) and their wedding looks really special! What fun!

Jenna Heap said...

OMG I LOVE THE BALLOONS!!!!!!!!!!! Great blog!!!!
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