September 19, 2011

The end of an era

The stylish couple have found a unit. Joshua is in the process of packing up his things and moving in. He is going to live in the unit until the wedding when Megan will then move in. My little brother is moving out after sharing a flat with me for almost 4 years.

We went for a walk a few weeks ago and talked about how strange it all will be, how exciting it is.

And what's this beautiful package?

I believe it is a wedding invitation, just for me.

Beautifully designed and hand coloured by Megan.

December 9th is coming up so quickly.


Katie said...

Those are beautiful invitations!
I'm sure you'll miss having Josh around (and he'll miss you!)

Erin said...

I know, gorgeous! In a way I'm glad I'm not getting married really close to them because mine won't look as spectactuar as theirs! - but it's so right for them :)

Katie said...

I bet when the time comes you can get them to design yours :D One of my husband's sisters designed our invitations - exactly what I wanted and far better than I could have done. Plus it's nice to have family involved :D :P

Erin said...

True - and they'll be perfect for me :)