February 10, 2011

Toddler Tales

These are some of the books that toddlers will happily listen to me read again and again.

Shhh! Little Mouse by Pamela Allen

There is a mouse in the house, looking for something - but he needs to watch out! We love to hold our fingers to our lips and say "Shhh! little mouse!"

Painter Bear by Vivian French

I got this book as part of a book pack, and this is the one that kids seem to latch onto. A simple book about a bear who gets paint all over his clothes. "Oh painter bear, what a mess!" I'm pretty sure I know this book off by heart.

One Woolly Wombat by Kerry Argent

This book is a classic for a reason. I love reading this book, simply because of the way the words flow. The rhythm is beautiful and the rhymes add to the rhythm. And it's Australian which is always a plus :)

This book illustrates a fact I am a big believer in; if you love a book and you read it in a way that shows you love it, children will love it too.


Katie said...

My audience is a little older, but a couple of books I have read endlessly to grades from Prep to 6 are
Katie and the Big Brave Bear by Hermann Moers
and The Smallest Bilby and the Midnight Star by Nette Hilton http://www.dymocks.com.au/ProductDetails/ProductDetail.aspx?R=9781876288716

Little kids enjoy the stories, while bigger kids look deeper.

Erin said...

Thanks Katie - I haven't seen either before - will have to go looking!