November 21, 2010

The eighth intelligence

There are days when I wish I lived in walking distance of anything other than suburbia. It is so much easier to be when there aren't so many people and houses around. And have you ever noticed it is so much lonelier to be alone in the suburbs than it is to be alone in nature?

One of my favourite education theories is Howard Gardner's Multiple intelligences. The idea is that everyone has different ways of learning, and we all learn best if the information is passed on in the 'intelligence' we favour. Also that people are 'intelligent' in their own way - that a person who can build great relationships is just as smart as the person who can spell really well.

When I was studying there were 7 intelligences with an 8th being debated (turns out there is now a ninth - and I haven't even been out of uni 6 months!). The eighth is 'natrualistic intelligence'. I use to think it was a weird idea, but now I get it. Like how it's easier to think when you're outside staring at the clouds. How it almost makes me cry when there are no trees in a backyard. How if I don't go outside everyday I go stir crazy.

How when things are going bad I think I will self-combust if I don't stop staring at houses and be able to look for miles and miles and see nothing but what God created with his hands.

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