September 10, 2010

Quite possibly my favourite kids talk so far

Most evangelical Church's have a kids talk before the kids go out to Sunday School. I've seen plenty - A good kids talk can be tricky to achieve; it has to memorable, it has to capture the interest of kids of many different ages, and it has to drive home the main message; all in about 5 minutes.

This Sunday I think I witnessed one of the best kids talks I've seen in a long time.
Cynthia was trying to explain the idea of connectedness within Gods family to the kids (We were looking at Romans 12: 3-16, but many passages explore the same concept).

Cynthia gave all the kids a ball of wool, they gave her the end, then she asked them to go find someone who teaches them about God. The kids got that person to hang onto the wool, while the kids kept hanging onto the ball. Cynthia then asked the kids to find someone who serves them morning tea and the kids got that person to hold onto the wool. The kids kept going, connecting us all up - people who pray for us, people who welcome us in the morning, people who we play with, people who read the Bible to us.

By the end our church looked like this;

As someone said 'The church has never looked better"
We were all there, together, connected. It made me so happy to see it like that.


Sherry and Donna said...

Erin what a brilliant way to get across such an important message on community and family! I LOVE this. I'm definitely going to use this next term in a discussion about friendship groups. At the moment some children are finding the fact that their 'best friend' isn't wanting to play exclusively with them any more and they feel they "aren't my friend anymore". I think this would be a great way of explaining how we can all be friends ... all connected to each other in some way!
Thank you so much. This is just what I need!
Donna :) :)

Erin said...

Yeah, the whole 'you're not my friend any more' idea can be hard to work around. Let me know how it goes with your kids :)